Saturday, November 21, 2015

A letter to Dad

Dearest Papa,

How are you? its been 19 years since youve been taken away from us. I know youre always looking down  at us, rejoicing on our success and crying when we are in pain.  ive heard before during your wake that we might tend to forget your face since were very young then, but luckily i did not, coz Im still always thinking about you, those little times that ive felt your love,  your stories at night about unggoy and pagong and about a father that supposed to kill his daughter's friend. I wonder what our life now if you're still alive, i bet its more happier. Oh i would love to tell you how my day went at school and now at work, tell you my problems and seek for your advises,hold hands with you in the mall and treat you and mama on my first paycheck. I thank God that he allow me to borrow you for 7 years. I love you always❤️

Your favorite daughter,

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