Friday, October 19, 2012

yey!!! trying to blog

Hi This is my first time to write a blog, since I'm a person with no thoughts in mind I don’t know how to start :), so I will show you some of pictures instead

With my two besties!!!! Sahara and Regine we became friends since highschool and I must say that they're the people who I trusted the most!!


Here's my pictures with my college barkadas;were very carefree, bully (in a funny way of course) and mean hahaha how I miss those days

Presenting my officemates!!, all I can say is that we are very close we laugh at everything and non sense things,were really are shallow!! hahahaha.. I can't remember a single day that we have nothing to laugh at. A perfect group indeed

And lastly My Family Meet my Mama and my sister, I also have two handsome brothers but i don't have a pic of them right now, anyways I sooo love them  much!!  

si mama oh, not looking pa hahahaha

So that's it until next time!!! :))))