Tuesday, December 25, 2012

All about My Christian Grey

I want to write this just to express my admiration (or love??) for my fifty shades coz he's always been in my reverie lately, I want to get over it or else I'm going to be crazy haha so I think writing this down can help me. I don't know how exactly he looks but by the author's description he would definitely get every girls attention and that includes meeee!!! how I wish I'm on Ana's shoe!! Anyway, who wouldn't fall in love with a guy who will travel miles and miles and miles just to see you?A guy who will bought your employer's company just to make sure you're safe and can keep an eye over you?A guy who doesn't know how to love until he met you? A guy who's willing to change his principles in life so you'll stay? A guy who will bid 100000 dollars so he will be your first dance? A guy who will ask you to marry him?OMG  there's more about Christian Grey that will take too long to write. One thing he said in the story that made me kilig is "I love you more than you know" very unconditional right?  You better read fifty shades trilogy and you will be hooked to it! well if Christian really exist I will say this to him " Despite of your more than fifty mood swings I will still love you, more than you know" hmmm enough of this craziness! I hope to meet someone like Mr. Grey minus the erotic side please LOL. :))))

Monday, November 19, 2012

Lee Min ho in Manila

I was very thankful to Bench for bringing Lee Min ho here in Manila. This is a dream come true for me because by seeing him on television, browsing pictures on internet and watching his videos on youtube really made my day, how much more seeing him right in front of me??? I never thought that this guy who starred in the most famous koreanovelas such as Boys over flowers (my favorite ever) Personal Taste and City Hunter will visit all his fans in the philippines waaaahhh!!! I went to Mall of Asia last Sunday just to see him up close.I got mesmerized when I saw his glowing skin, cute eyes that smiles everytime he smile, perfect get up,long legs, and of course his killer smile.Though it lasted for just 15 minutes, I can say that, that day is definitely the highlight of my 2012. Saranghae Lee min ho!

we went there as early as 11am! take note that the show will start at 7pm haha

While waiting for lee min ho my loves, I tried this cute boots from Forever21

 with my BFF Sahara

I met some Minoz fans in the line,we have lots of chikas as if were super close hahahaha that's what you called the Lee Min ho effect

Of course the OA reaction when I finally saw my Lee Min ho

Look at that smile..isnt he the cutest??? He said that he wants to come back in the philippines because of the warm welcome we showed. I'm looking forward to that. Saranghae!! until next time! ♥♥

Friday, October 19, 2012

yey!!! trying to blog

Hi This is my first time to write a blog, since I'm a person with no thoughts in mind I don’t know how to start :), so I will show you some of pictures instead

With my two besties!!!! Sahara and Regine we became friends since highschool and I must say that they're the people who I trusted the most!!


Here's my pictures with my college barkadas;were very carefree, bully (in a funny way of course) and mean hahaha how I miss those days

Presenting my officemates!!, all I can say is that we are very close we laugh at everything and non sense things,were really are shallow!! hahahaha.. I can't remember a single day that we have nothing to laugh at. A perfect group indeed

And lastly My Family Meet my Mama and my sister, I also have two handsome brothers but i don't have a pic of them right now, anyways I sooo love them  much!!  

si mama oh, not looking pa hahahaha

So that's it until next time!!! :))))