Tuesday, December 25, 2012

All about My Christian Grey

I want to write this just to express my admiration (or love??) for my fifty shades coz he's always been in my reverie lately, I want to get over it or else I'm going to be crazy haha so I think writing this down can help me. I don't know how exactly he looks but by the author's description he would definitely get every girls attention and that includes meeee!!! how I wish I'm on Ana's shoe!! Anyway, who wouldn't fall in love with a guy who will travel miles and miles and miles just to see you?A guy who will bought your employer's company just to make sure you're safe and can keep an eye over you?A guy who doesn't know how to love until he met you? A guy who's willing to change his principles in life so you'll stay? A guy who will bid 100000 dollars so he will be your first dance? A guy who will ask you to marry him?OMG  there's more about Christian Grey that will take too long to write. One thing he said in the story that made me kilig is "I love you more than you know" very unconditional right?  You better read fifty shades trilogy and you will be hooked to it! well if Christian really exist I will say this to him " Despite of your more than fifty mood swings I will still love you, more than you know" hmmm enough of this craziness! I hope to meet someone like Mr. Grey minus the erotic side please LOL. :))))

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