Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gone too soon Cory Monteith

Im not a Glee fan, I dont know his real name nor  the character he's playing on Glee,I only see him on Glee previews and in magazines,but when I found out last july 13 that he was found dead in the Pacific Rim Hotel, it seems that I'm very affected i really dont know why,this feeling is very weird.

I couldnt believe that the cause of his death was due to drug overdosed he seems very healthy and happy with his life.  He occupies my thoughts lately, I suddenly fell in love with this Guy.Thank God I wasnt a glee fan  because I might be dying now, as if im Lea Michele, who definitely felt devastated of course because they're getiing married in two weeks before Cory's death, I cant imagine how painful it is to lose someone so significant to you #keepstronglea I know Cory is watching over you.

Here is Cory's version of I Cant Fight this feeling anymore. You'll always be remebered Cory Monteith Im sure you're in a safe place now.

love lots,