Monday, June 9, 2014


Im feeling heartbroken today, why? ok let me hide the guy's identity thru his initials AM.I've known AM for three years now , he captured my attention from the very first time I saw him, he's not actually cute but i dont know i just like him coz he seems a nice guy. the first encounter was, he was asking for an iphone 'sim pin' as he  has to return his company sim while is on vacation leave. I liked him even more when one of my colleagues said that AM finds me pretty, I always wait for him to visit our office which he rarely do since his area is far from head office.when he's there  i always caught him looking at me and he became uneasy every time im around, im not sure if its just my imagination haha. Now that im leaving GSK it seems that he doesn't care, he's not even sad that's why im broken hearted because all this time i thought he like me. Oh well that's life. i should just wait for the right guy.

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