Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Liezel's Man

Isn't the Blog title intriguing?, no no no I dont have a boyfriend yet LOL! You know me Im very addicted to koreans and my latest prospect is Ji Hyun Woo also know as Kim Bong doo of Queen Inhyun's Man. I find him so attractive and manly unlike other koreans who  sometimes look like a girl because of their thin frame and get up haha you know what I mean there. Anyway i think he would be a perfect boyfriend woot woot! with that swooning appeal gah I know you're also into him! Oh my Ji Hyun woo I love your voice, the way you smile,your poker face, your get up, your shyness, the height(literally high) and you seems nice in person. By the way he's in military service right now in which some celebrities are engaged too.. I dont know why :( oh well take care and be safe baby!!!

Ambitious me ♥♥

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